Father Knows Business: Meet an Inspiring Entrepreneur and his Dad

Corporate Buyers Guide, Chris Grenzberg, Gerhard GrenzbergMeet entrepreneur Chris Grenzberg and his dad, Gerhard who has been dishing out life and business lessons for years.  Chris started learning the lessons of entrepreneurship in the third grade.  He would catch turtles behind his home and sell them to his classmates. 

Ultimately, his turtle selling business was shut down by his teachers.  But, that didn’t dampen his entrepreneurial spirit.  With MetroAction’s help, in 2005, Chris and his father, Gerhard, launched Corporate Buyers Guide (CBG), an internet service that provides unique comparisons of industrial equipment based on the buyer’s criteria.  Chris says, “Our proprietary software is like the Consumer Reports for businesses looking to buy manufacturing, distribution or warehouse equipment.”

Chris worked with many area organizations, such as CANDo, CANBe and NEPIRC to fund his new business but there were gaps in his funding.  “I remembered attending a presentation by MetroAction a few years earlier,” recalls Chris.  He continued, “MetroAction stepped in to provide us with working capital while our other investments were being secured.”