Economic Downturn Allows MetroAction Client to Make his Passion into a Business

Lehigh FishingFew business owners could argue it’s acceptable to hang a “gone fishing” sign on their doors during the work day.  But that’s not the case with Scott Belisle, who has been hooked on the sport since age nine.  When Belisle lost his job during an economic downturn, he decided to put his passion into a business.

With MetroAction’s assistance, Belisle established The Lehigh Fishing Company in White Haven.  An $18,000 loan allowed him to create a fly rod not yet available on the market.  He used funding for research and development, creating six new rods, with another 17 on the way.

Currently Belisle is in the process of patenting a new design and method of manufacturing carbon fiber fishing rods, hunting arrows, and golf club and hockey stick shafts.  In a time where most carbon products come from overseas, Belisle, a disabled veteran, will ensure his products are 100 percent hand made in America.

And continuing MetroAction’s commitment to local economic development, The Lehigh Fishing Company will remain in Carbon County.

MetroAction took a chance on me when I was a displaced worker.  Without their help, I could not have opened my own business in my hometown- a place that has also seen some hard times.  Because of MetroAction, I’m able to operate my business in White Haven and will hire local residents, as I expand.  Given the state of the economy, it’s the type of boost this small town needs to get going again,” affirms Belisle.