Pressing Questions? Ask the Expert!

Many seminars seem to run out of time for questions, so MetroAction has created a webinar series that focuses specifically on your questions!  Join us for informative talks about some of today’s top business topics.  Learn the latest developments in marketing, legal issues, human resources and more from leading professionals in the field. Our experts will provide a brief presentation on their topic, but most of the time will be spent on participant Q&A.

The cost of each “Ask the Expert” webinar is $10.  All you need is an internet connection and a telephone line. It’s really that easy!

Upcoming topics include:

•    Three Tips for Detecting, Deferring, and Defending Your Business Against Cyber Crime
•    Three Tips for Working with the Media
•    Three Tips for Developing a Blog Strategy
•    Three Steps to “Greening” Your Business
•    Three Tips for Starting a Business

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