MetroAction Offers More Than Financing

Marketing 101MetroAction is committed to offering entrepreneurs the tools to succeed!  We know that the success of a small business is a never ending process of counseling, mentoring and training.

All of MetroAction’s training programs are perfect for start up or existing businesses or any business that wants to be more competitive.

Upcoming programs include:

Small Business Institute demonstrates how all of the pieces of a business work together. Participants will learn what makes a business successful, understand cash flow and financial statements, create a marketing strategy, and develop a customized business plan.

Marketing Mastery will show how making small changes can lead to big results and help make the most of a limited marketing budget.  Participants will identify a target market, build successful marketing messages, develop marketing materials that work, and create a comprehensive marketing plan.

To make it easier for business owners to attend, these programs are available at multiple locations and dates throughout our service area.