Flooring Company under New Ownership with Help From MetroAction

When the owner of Lackawanna Hardwood Floor wanted a career change, he needed to find a new owner for his established flooring installation and maintenance business.  Already a business owner for the past 21 years, William Sullenberger was interested in purchasing the business to help expand and compliment his existing tile flooring business, but he needed financial assistance to complete the purchase. Sullenberger received a $10,000 loan from MetroAction to purchase Lackawanna Hardwood Floor and grow his existing business.

“I had wanted to purchase Lackawanna Wood Floor Company for some time, and MetroAction offered the perfect opportunity for financial assistance, as well as guidance in sharpening my skills as an effective businessman through education and support. I am grateful and excited to use the ideas that have been brewing in my head to move this business forward in unprecedented ways with the help and encouragement of Metro Action,” said Sullenberger.