Green Valley Landscaping Receives Aid from MetroAction

Green Valley Landscaping has been providing landscape design, construction and maintenance services for commercial and residential clients throughout Pennsylvania for 40 years. When their office in Plains was flooded last year, they worked with MetroAction to secure a $100,000 loan.

Green Valley Landscaping experienced flooding in their corporate office building and surrounding property, resulting in the loss of landscaping equipment and materials. The loan from The Luzerne County Flood Recovery Loan Program was used to help return the business to being fully operational.


The Luzerne County Flood Recovery Loan Program transitioned into The Luzerne County Small Business Loan Program in November 2012. This loan program was established to provide financing opportunities for businesses located in Luzerne County. In order to be eligible for this loan program, businesses must be located in Luzerne County and borrower must have a credit score of at least 500 or higher. This loan offers up to $100,000 at a U.S. Treasury with a 10 year maturity plus 1% (2.65 as of 10/1/2012) and is fixed on the date of closing for up to 120 months. The funding can be used for working capital, real estate acquisition and construction, equipment purchases and upgrades, environmental compliance, and pollution control and prevention. There is no prepayment penalty and no application or closing costs. To apply for a Luzerne County Small Business Loan Program visit