A New “Go To Guide” for Downtown Scranton

MetroAction Announces Campus SourceOver 15,000 college students call the Scranton area home during the school year. So, where do they go for a great night out downtown? How do they know what restaurant has the best pizza? Where is the best shopping for the latest in fashion?

Now, students can pick up a copy of the new Campus Source for answers to all of their questions about things to see and do in downtown Scranton.

As part of the Destination Downtown program, MetroAction recently collaborated with The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce, Times Shamrock Communications, Scranton Tomorrow, and the Scranton Plan to create a booklet that students can use to learn about the many things located in downtown Scranton. This combined effort is an example of the potential impact area students can have on the local economy and our community. 

The goal of the Campus Source is for it to be the official “Welcome Guide” to thousands of area students to promote downtown Scranton as a destination for shopping, dining, recreation and living. The booklet lists local restaurants, volunteer opportunities, shopping destinations, where to find a tanning salon, and much more.

Last week, copies of the Campus Source were delivered to students at Marywood University, The University of Scranton, McCann School, Lackawanna College, Johnson College, Baptist Bible College, Keystone University and Penn State University. The delivery of the Campus Source came just in time for the students to return to class for their fall semester orientation.

We’d love to know what your favorite things are to do and see in downtown Scranton.  Post a comment to let us know!