Danielle and Company Opens New Downtown Scranton Location

New Location For Danielle and CompanyIt is, to say the least, inspiring when a story of someone’s success is brought to our attention. It doesn’t even matter in what field the success was achieved. Regardless of the relevance to our own grind, we feel excited and motivated when we hear a story of “risk and reward”. 

Six years ago the writing of one such success story began. In 2002, Danielle Fleming, of Danielle and Company, located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, began an entrepreneurial journey that has allowed her to become an incredibly successful business woman.

Ms. Fleming’s education in the fields of psychology and behavioral therapy was the starting point for her business success. Danielle and Company is a business that specializes in the creation of luxury bath and beauty products. The products are the result of a research project that Ms. Fleming had undertaken, which involved the use of handmade soaps and the study of the human psychological response to different scents. When the research project was over, the demand for Danielle’s handmade scented soaps lingered.

Because of the demand for her products, Ms. Fleming began selling her handmade organic soaps at local farmer’s markets. Since then her business has seen tremendous growth. “It is amazing to me to look back at our growth.  We started in my kitchen at home and then went to a 400 square foot retail store and moved our way up to a 6,500 square foot facility with more space to expand to 30,000 square feet”, said Ms. Fleming. The business will now have even more exposure because of the move from its long time location in Clarks Summit to a beautiful venue on Adams Avenue in Scranton.

Ms. Fleming’s business and her line of products are unlike any other bath and beauty offerings. “We are focused on the whole person, the mind, the body and their impact on the environment when people use our products”, said Ms. Fleming. This philosophy has given Danielle and Company products national exposure, including features in national magazines and their use by such celebrities as Janet Jackson and Howie Mandel. The products are also sold in spas and hotels worldwide.

In addition to unparalleled products, Danielle and Company believes in the importance of preserving the environment. All of the products are made with 100 percent natural ingredients. The company’s new location is also eco-friendly, complete with energy efficient machines and appliances, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and the use of non toxic paints.New location for Danielle and Company

Ms. Fleming holds the belief that success requires dedication, commitment, and perseverance. She also sites the help of local business organization as being conducive to the success of her business, especially the University of Scranton Small Business Development Center and MetroAction. “MetroAction has helped my business by providing great seminars for entrepreneurs like myself to expand their knowledge base”, said Ms. Fleming. “It has also helped my company’s growth by providing us with a low-interest loan”.

The success of Danielle and Company is hinged upon Ms. Fleming’s commitment and drive to succeed. She encourages other entrepreneurs to take chances. She says, “Being an entrepreneur is hard work, but if you have the desire and commitment, it will bring you to places you never dreamt of!  Go ahead and leap…the net will appear”.