Incentive for Businesses That Replace Inefficient Lighting

Attention Small Business Owners!

Here’s a chance for your business to help conserve energy while at the same time putting some coin in your own pocket.

The Sustainable Energy Fund (“SEF”) in conjunction with PPL Electric Utilities (“PPL”) is hosting a program that makes provision for any company (in compliance with program guidelines) to receive a 20% reimbursement on an energy saving project whose cost falls between $5,000 and $10,000. While project costs may exceed $10,000, the 20% reimbursement is capped at $2,000.

The project is a lighting retrofit venture (limited to small business enterprises), which is the process of replacing inefficient lighting with energy saving units.

The guidelines for this project are as follows:
Applicant must:
• Have no more than 100 employees
• Be the owner or lease holder of the property where the project will be taking place. (If lease holder, documentation of permission from landlord must be submitted)
• Have been in business at the same location and a customer of PPL for no less than 3 years.
• The structure where the project will be implemented must be no greater than 25,000 square feet.
• Be in good credit standing with PPL
• Be located within a PPL service area.

The application and more detailed guidelines for this project can be found on the following websites:

SEF Website:
PPL Website:

This project is a great opportunity to cut down on energy usage and at the same time save money on your energy bill, as well as through the 20% reimbursement that the program offers.