MetroAction Educates Area Students on Entrepreneurship

While attending school, students may feel uncertainty about what awaits them after graduation.Once students graduate, they may consider going into business for themselves. Schools can offer the best training and guidance to students in their specific areas of study. However, once a student is in the workforce, they may lack the business training needed to capitalize on their profession.

For example, a hairstylist may know everything about cutting and styling hair, but lack the skills needed to fully operate their own salon.

MetroAction understands the impact owning a business can have on anyone, especially someone that is just getting started with his or her career.

That is why we’ve provided our free small business resource clinics to students at Empire Beauty School and McCann School of Business. These clinics provide an opportunity for these students to learn about entrepreneurship as a potential next step in their careers. 

To better prepare students for owning their own businesses, MetroAction has been reaching out to area schools with hopes of informing graduating students on topics such as business planning, writing a business plan, local resources and tips on obtaining financing to achieve entrepreneurship.

When surveyed about the presentation, students were pleased with the information MetroAction provided. “This seminar supplied us with a lot of useful and helpful information. The information will help me get my business started,” stated a seminar attendee.

MetroAction provided the tools and resources needed  to create a successful entrepreneurial career.