Cash Flow Projection Templates


During our last Small Business Institute class, we discussed the importance of cash flow projections as a tool for business management.  We discussed how a business owner would go about determining the figures in their projections and what the results of the projections actually mean.

Ruth Hughes, Director of the Wilkes University SBDC, provided two templates that can be used to develop cash flow projections or pro formas.  The first version is for one year of projections and the second version contains two years of projections.   You must have Microsoft Excel to use these templates.

During the class, Ruth stressed the importance of explaining how you arrived at your calculations in the “assumptions” section of the projections.  Lenders will want to know how you determined your expense figures or what makes up your sales figures.  For more detail on preparing cash flow projections, contact MetroAction or the Wilkes SBDC or Scranton SBDC.