Listen Up Ladies…Funding Available in Stimulus Package!

pa-treasury-logoMetroAction has partnered with the Pennsylvania Treasury to host the “Women & Money Project”.

This event will provide concrete information, tools, and resources to evaluate and secure business opportunities resulting from the stimulus package, including an in-depth strategic planning session for your business.  Register now for your chance to discover:

  • A step by step method to converting your business goals into an actionable reality;
  • The trends affecting your industries;
  • The key players at federal and state levels;
  • A plan on how to find and review government opportunities to expand your business;
  • Strategies to review your business capacities to find unexplored opportunities for innovation; and
  • Individual business matchmaking meetings with procurement officers from private and public industries.

Thursday, August 13, 2009
The University of Scranton
Brennan Hall, 300 Madison Avenue, Scranton PA 18510

To learn more or to register, visit,