Small Business Energy Efficiency Grant Program Announced!

The Sustainable Energy Fund , with funding from PPL Electric Utilities, are partnering to offer one-time grants for motivated small businesses located in the PPL service territory with projects that will reduce electric consumption.Energy efficiency projects are a cost effective way to mitigate increasing utility rates. The goal of the Small Business Energy Efficiency grant is to provide funding for energy efficient projects that are cost effective and with quantifiable savings.

This program offers grant funding for projects that provide for quantifiable energy savings. The Sustainable Energy Fund anticipates awarding up to 6 projects with a maximum of $20,000 per project. The number of proposers selected will be determined by available funding. No proposer or contractor/proposer combination can receive two grants. Each grant will not exceed 75% of the total cost of the project. Minimum total project cost is $5,000. Each proposed project should increase energy efficiency at least a 15%. Each proposal must quantify energy reduction by calculating the variance between the old (or code equivalent) and the new equipment within the scope of the project. Below is a list of potential project categories that SEF has interest in, but not an exhaustive list of the projects areas that could be proposed or considered for funding:

1. Energy efficient lighting, including parking lot or outdoor lighting
2. Energy efficiency retrofits of existing buildings, including high efficiency air conditioners, energy efficient ventilation systems, windows, sealing, insulation, and automated control systems
3. Installation of Geothermal Heat Pump systems
4. Premium efficiency motors and variable speed drives; and
5. Deployment of renewable energy technologies including solar and biomass

Only commercially available equipment maybe used.  Energy Star rated equipment or materials must be installed for the project to be eligible if the type of equipment or material being installed is covered under the Energy Star program (refer to

Funding cannot be used for:

  • Purchase or installation of window and through wall air-conditioning units,
  • Any work related to new building construction projects, including additions
  • Systems that reduce energy demand for certain periods of time unless they also reduce energy consumption by at least 25% on an annual basis
  • Retroactive work – work started prior to issuance of grant award

All projects must be in compliance with all applicable laws.  Learn more…