MetroAction Finances an “Outrageous” Business!

It starts with a vision.  If you take a walk down Center Street in downtown Scranton, you’ll come across an eclectic small business run by a man with big dreams and even bigger determination. Paul Nardone saw the potential in this up-and-coming city.  He didn’t see an older community with crumbling infrastructure.  He saw a thriving city that was bustling with new life and filled with opportunity.  After leaving his corporate career in November 2003, Paul opened It’s Outrageous, a unique boutique and coffee-house in the heart of downtown Scranton.  In 2008, he acquired Anthology, a new and used bookstore located directly above his business.  Today, Outrageous and Anthology is well-known as a place where you can find distinctive gifts or relax with a good book and a hot cup of coffee.

Since the beginning, there were plenty of challenges for Paul to overcome.  For the first three years, his street didn’t have a name and his business didn’t have a front door.  But through his vision, he saw opportunity.  Today, like most businesses, Paul is pushing through the economy.

Paul recalls, “I wanted to continue to evolve Outrageous and Anthology, and I knew I needed help. So I reached out to MetroAction.”  Paul applied for a loan online at  The streamlined application process made it easy for him to obtain the $15,000 he needed to upgrade his equipment and take on new product lines.  “MetroAction is a great resource,” added Paul.  “The MicroLoan program is only part of what MetroAction does. Their 8-week Small Business Institute has given me plenty of resources and insight for my business.”

Paul was a pioneer on Center Street, as he was well ahead of most of the progress in downtown Scranton.  But with perseverance and a solid business strategy, he has built his dream.  Paul concludes, “MetroAction took a real interest in me and my business.  The staff took the time to understand what we do and how we have contributed to northeastern Pennsylvania.”