Finance Your Business, Despite a Difficult Economy

Feeling apprehensive about starting a business in today’s economic climate?  Or, are you having a hard time coming up with the cash you need to stay competitive?   We know how you feel.

Let MetroAction’s staff show you the money at our FREE Financing Your Small Business seminar.  Our FREE Financing Your Small Business Seminar will:

•    Explain the fundamentals of managing small business finances
•    Explain the importance of budgeting and cash flow
•    Explain the different sources of financing- loans, lines of credit, venture capital, angel investors and more
•    Highlight local financing resources
•    Explain the truths and myths about grants and “free money”
•    Explain the 4 C’s of credit
•    Teach you what investors look for in a business

MetroAction’s Financing Your Small Business Seminar will take place on Tuesday, October 20 from 9 AM – 11 AM at MetroAction’s office, 222 Mulberry Street, Scranton. The seminar is free.  However, pre-registration is required.