The Greenest Business in Downtown!

Thirty years ago, MetroAction was created to be a strong support organization for downtown Scranton thus creating their Destination Downtown Initiative . Today, MetroAction continues to have an interest in the success of the downtown community and has been at the forefront of numerous downtown initiatives such as the Welcome Bag program and The Campus Source.

With the emergence of new and innovative businesses blending with those already established as downtown staples, MetroAction is launching into a series of profiles highlighting the achievements and impact these downtown businesses have on the local economy-truly making it a downtown destination.

Last month, MetroAction staff member Desiree Ranella had an opportunity to learn more about the “greenest” Scranton business downtown, GreenBeing. GreenBeing, an environmentally friendly clothing boutique that opened downtown in 2008, currently features the innovative and economical handmade clothing and accessories created by local artists.

GreenBeing owner, Cristin Powers explained how the idea for the green-centric business first took shape in 2007 when she began selling eco-friendly handbags at Zummo’s Café in Green Ridge. The most innovative part of the handbags, other than their creative and fashionable flair, is that the materials used are the discarded coffee bean bags from the café.

When asked what her inspiration was for her business being green, Cristin exclaimed, “My concerns for the environment and my creativity are what got me started on wanting a green business.  I feel as if it is my responsibility to do business with the environment and local community in mind.”

Recently, Cristin’s products were chosen to appear in the nationally known Country Living Magazine. While working with the magazine in Chicago, Cristin attended the its Creative Women Entrepreneurs event where she mingled with likeminded women entrepreneurs. Cristin is constantly inspired by successful women business owners and other eco-friendly stores and revels at the opportunity to blend both inspirations on a daily basis at GreenBeing.

In addition to her innovation in creating green products, Cristin has had to tap into her creative resources to keep her business open during recent difficult economic times by hosting special events, workshops and launching a new website to sell items across the country.

So what made her locate her business in downtown Scranton instead of a more commercial location? “I’m proud to be a business located in downtown Scranton. I choose to do business downtown, because I believe in our city.  I see its potential and I want to be part of the change, part of Scranton’s future,” states Cristin.  “There is a strong sense of community on my block and in the downtown in general and I really love that.”

Visit GreenBeing at 334 Adams Avenue in downtown Scranton or call (570) 341-9988 for more information.