Funding to Help Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

If energy efficiency is a top priority for your business, MetroAction can help!  Energy prices are about skyrocket.  It is predicted that energy costs will increase by 30% over the next few weeks!

Paying for an energy-efficiency upgrade doesn’t have to be an issue. While some upgrades require little or no funding, some do require a financial investment.  Why should you invest in making upgrades?  The savings from a well-planned efficiency upgrade can have a positive impact on your business’ cash flow and, even, pay for itself in the long run.

For smaller, inexpensive upgrade, such as upgrading your lighbulbs or replacing smaller applicances and equipment with energy efficient models, you may want to use your own funding to pay for the upgrade to keep your return on investment high.

For larger jobs, such as upgrading your HVAC or changing your electric meter, financing might be the only way to pay for the upgrade. And, that’s how MetroAction can help!  MetroAction’s small business loan programs can provide up to $35,000 to help small businesses finance energy efficiency upgrades.  In today’s economy, when bank financing is harder to come by, MetroAction has proven to be a valuable resource for helping start-up and growing small businesses obtain the financing they need to be competitive.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection also offers a number of grant and incentive programs for businesses that commit to improving energy efficiency.

While you can’t control the rate increases, you can control your business’ energy consumption and you can be strategic in planning your energy efficiency investments.