Helping Child Care Providers Be Better Business Owners

Child care providers know how to get a 3 year old to eat broccoli.  They know how to get 15 two year olds to nap at the same time.  And, they are pros at teaching preschoolers their ABCs and I23s.  But, often times, they don’t have the entrepreneurial skills to effectively manage the business side of their business.  That’s where MetroAction comes in.  Child care providers attending MetroAction’s Small Business Institute can earn professional development credits recognized by the PA Keys.

MetroAction, certified through the PA Department of Public Welfare’s PA Keys to Professional Development program, provides training opportunities eligible for professional development credits through the Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System (PQAS).  The program is a statewide initiative designed to address professional development needs of practitioners by providing skills necessary to create clear pathways for future success.

“I learned so much from the Small Business Institute and enjoyed coming to class.  The program showed me how many layers are involved in creating and operating a successful business. This program will help our business in every aspect,” describes Elizabeth Keiper-Aguirre of Freckles and Frills Daycare, Scranton

The Small Business Institute provides practical, hands-on skills needed to develop, manage and grow a successful business.  From organization planning …to marketing …to understanding your financials … the Small Business Institute helps business owners understand how all of the pieces of their business work together and is available in two formats: the full, 8-week version and an accelerated, 2-day version held through eight NEPA counties.

“Training for the actual business side of the business in my industry is non-existent. The Small Business Institute has given me a new outlook on the overall management of my business. This program was extremely helpful,” concludes Ms. Keiper-Aguirre.

Since creating their child care initiative in 2005, MetroAction’s programs have impacted thousands of area children throughout northeastern Pennsylvania. As part of its commitment to improving the quality of affordable child care throughout northeastern Pennsylvania, MetroAction continues to provide comprehensive resources to area child care providers.
MetroAction offers scholarships to eligible child care providers to attend the program for free.