Important Update on the CommunityExpress Loan Program

MetroAction has just received notification that strict lending limits have been imposed on the SBA’s CommunityExpress loan program. Unlike its other loan programs, MetroAction partners with a bank out of California to offer the CommunityExpress loan program to northeastern Pennsylvania businesses. All applications for the CommunityExpress program must be submitted through a Technical Assistance Provider, such as MetroAction. Over the past 5 years, MetroAction has helped more than 85 businesses obtain nearly $1 million in financing through this unique small business financing program.

Typically, most applicants with good credit had a fairly good chance of being funded through this SBA pilot loan program. However, now with the new lending limits, our partnering bank can only approve 5 new loans each month. This cap is huge obstacle for our clients, since our partnering bank, accepts CommunityExpress applications from Technical Assistance Providers across the county.

Congress passed a law in 1996 that limits any SBA pilot program to 10% of the loan volume of all 7(a) lending. The SBA’s 7(a) program is the largest and most popular of the SBA guaranteed loans. In order to avoid reaching the 10% threshold by the end of the fiscal year, CommunityExpress lenders must adhere to strict lending caps over the next six months.

We are very aware of how these caps are going to affect our small business community. In response, we will carefully review every loan pre-qualification application that is submitted to us to see if the applicant will qualify for any of our other small business loan programs. For more information on our pre-qualification process visit our website, or call our staff at (570) 342-7711.