Local Business Celebrates 30 Years of Success!

Pierre'sAt age 18, most young adults are busy planning their college careers, thinking of leaving home for the first time or just enjoying being a teenager with little responsibility. Not Pierre Mancuso. At just 18, Pierre threw all caution aside and became an entrepreneur. “At that age, you don’t ever think you can fail,” states Pierre. And 30 years later, he continues to prove himself right.

Located in downtown Scranton, Pierre’s boasts decorated windows full of colorful fashions and sparkling accessories; a testament to all of the fine things Pierre’s offers. And today, when online shopping dominates, Pierre prides himself on offering a specialty boutique where customer service is his priority.

So how did an 18 year old create a business that would become a lasting staple in downtown Scranton’s shopping scene? I was eager to find out…

Desiree: Tell me what inspired you to open this business in the first place?
Pierre: I always had an interest in fashion. I thought, what better way to showcase my fashion sense than to open a store. I opened my doors in 1980 at 18 years old which is an age where failure is not an option in your mind.

What do you think is your most significant achievement in the past 30 years?
Pierre: For me, it is making my customers happy. Knowing that so many people rely on my store to dress them is a great achievement. I always keep that in my mind. Even when I travel, I try to find unique pieces for my customers to draw them back. Seeing them walk through my doors again and again is very rewarding.

Desiree: What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your entrepreneurial career?
Pierre: There are always ups and downs in retail. I think the variety in the downtown has been a challenge. Seeing other businesses come and go so quickly hurts my business. When there are other retailers in the downtown around you, you are able to bounce off of each other and get a great momentum going in the area.

What innovative practices do you utilize to keep your doors open?
Pierre: I am always looking for new styles to bring into the store and new vendors to work with. I try to find new young designers and research trends at least six months into the next season.

I also get involved in the community as much as possible. We often participate in fashion shows in the area such as the Dress for Success and Telespond fashion shows.

Desiree: Where do you go to find your merchandise?
Pierre: A lot of it is found in New York City but I have traveled to Las Vegas and Paris for some of the items I sell.

Desiree: What inspires the looks you choose to sell?
Pierre: Well, I say trends but you can only go so far just on trends. Looks consist of who the customer is, and the trends of the season. We live in NEPA and you have to also consider weather and lifestyles of customers.

Where do you see your business going in the next five years?
Pierre: Hopefully, still right here offering the best of the best each season.

Desiree: What advice can you give to an entrepreneur who may just be starting his or her own business?
Pierre: Patience. Having patience with customers and getting to know your customers is very important. I recommend never to be pushy with a customer. To me, one sale isn’t the most important thing. It is making my customers happy and comfortable enough to walk into my store again and again.

Desiree: What do you like best about operating in downtown Scranton?
Pierre: The people. Scranton is the best of any other place I have ever been. There is an amazing support system in this community and that is what I like best.

Desiree: What would you like to see happen in the downtown area?
Pierre: I would like to see more retailers look at the downtown for all of the opportunities it presents. I wish others would see it as a great place to open a business. There are large opportunities here to take advantage of. We live in an area that is very accessible to major highways and communities. I wish to see more growth drawing more people into the city. I love Scranton. I live and work in Scranton. I want others to see it for all it has to offer, as I do.

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