Quality Service and Brand Loyalty – Disney Style!

Disney InstituteMetroAction is pleased to offer an exclusive opportunity to attend a world class Disney Institute® professional development program at Walt Disney Resort® on June 20-23!

The Small Business Executive Series features Disney Institute professional development for small business owners, executives and key staff. In this program you’ll learn the Disney’s quality service practices that lead to its world renowned success and brand loyalty strategies that enable it to attain repeat business, spur profitability and rise above the competition.

You’ll also learn how to adapt them to your own business. Learning is enhanced by literally stepping into Disney’s “living laboratory” of Theme Parks and Resorts for field experiences and an exclusive “Business-Behind-The-Magic” Tour.

Each day’s session begins early (8:00 AM) and adjourns in the early afternoon (1:00 PM). By starting early and extending the morning session into the early afternoon we’re utilizing your most productive hours while also providing time for Resort activities.

Afternoons and evenings are reserved for enjoying your World Class Resort.  Play a round of golf on one of Disney’s four PGA Championship golf courses; visit the Theme Parks with your Family; or simply relax poolside in the Florida sun.  Then plan a special evening out with your spouse, guest or colleagues.  Go ahead, you’ve earned it!

What You’ll Learn

  • Anticipate the needs, wants and emotions of your customers to exceed their expectations.
  • Bring “consistency” to your organization by establishing quality standards
  • Design a delivery system focusing on the employees, environment and processes that enhance quality service
  • Employ strategies that will build your loyalty connection with customers.
  • Identify your brand promise and loyalty strengths and develop action steps that align with your customers’ expectations.
  • Explore techniques used to retain customers for life and identify reliable practices that drive financial results and repeat business.
  • Examine the relationship between brand loyalty and marketing as a partnership that ultimately identifies your business.
  • Develop employee enthusiasm and loyalty that leads to customer satisfaction.

Why you should attend:

  • Improve your business
  • Learn about leadership and productivity
  • Work on your business – not just in it!
  • Peer networking – you may have the same needs, but different solutions
  • Balance your business and personal life

Who should attend:

  • Business Owners
  • VP’s, Directors, Key Staff
  • Principals in Private Practice
  • Family Business Members

Seating is LIMITED for this exceptional program. Visit our website for complete program and pricing details or contact Christina Hitchcock at or (570) 341-0270 for more information or to reserve your spot!

This program may be a tax deductible business expense.  Check with your tax advisor.